about us

mujo bar & restaurant

mujō is a laid back, family friendly bar & restaurant situated in george in the garden route. while we  have accidentally become semi famous for our burgers and pizzas, our chef and foodie owners love nothing more than to whip up new plates as their moods take them! expect to find dishes like springbok shanks (slow cooked in our pizza oven, naturally) homemade pastas, sweet & savoury springrolls (deep fried bounty bars? yes please!), ice creams (mini scuffles have been known to break out over a bowl of our white chocolate and peanut & honey flavours) and a variety of other dishes inspired by everything from our grandmothers to the latest edition of food & home entertaining. we have a menu specially for the little ones, and a secure kids play area where they can work off a bit of energy while you relax with a well deserved mojito. enjoy spectacular views of the outeniqua mountains from our deck, or grab a magazine and secure your spot on our comfy couch. our english style pub serves everything from ice cold draughts on tap to sublime margeritas and everything in between and our big screens will ensure you don’t miss a second of that important game.

mujō means transient, one of the cornerstones of the japanese concept of wabi sabi, which embraces and sees the beauty in that which is imperfect and does not last forever. memorable meals never do, which is what makes lingering over them with good company all the more special. so come and visit us at mujō for a laid back breakfast, lunch or dinner where you could easily get stuck for ours!